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Reservation is required.The venue will be announced on the day of the event at the reception.Further to the workshops listed below there will also be other participatory events which will be listed shortly on the website.Please check for further details.

Reservations:Please make a reservation by Email or FAX.Please include“AIR Event Reservation” in the title and in the main body include 1.the name and date of the event you wish to join 2.Your own name 3.Number of people you wish to reserve for 4.Your email address, 5.telephone number

2011.01.30(sun) 18:00-20:00 | Welcome Party

Venue:1F Lounge
Admission:Free,Reservation not required
*with consecutive translation JP/EN
*Everyone is welcome to join

2011.02.04(fri) 19:00-21:00 | Artists' Talk

Venue:1F Community Space
Admission:Free,Reservation not required
※with consecutive translation JP/EN
※Welcome for all to join The 9 participating artists will present about their personal practice and their plans for their stay in Tokyo

Throughout residence period | Tetsushi Higashino "3331's Pixie Pics"

Venue:Special Booth in the Community Space
*Reservation not required
Did you know each day is a special day for something?For example 6th February is Blog Day!A list of these special days will be prepared for each date throughout the residency and participants will be asked to respond to and depict these freely by drawing their original small characters.Give your character a name,a space to inhabit,physical features and personality.Based upon these drawings the artist himself will create a series of characters who will be exhibited alongside the original drawings in the final exhibition.

2011.02.11(fri) 13:00-16:00 | Shino Hisano "Wearing a Story"

Suitable for:High School Students and above
Capacity:12 participants
Things to bring with you:Clothes which have a particular memory for you
Memory is part of the building blocks which make up who we are,Clothes which link to our personal memories can also be said to be one part of us.A personal story essentially only belongs to that particular individual,but if these clothes are worn by another person,then a challenge is set to the things we usually take for granted,and we have the opportunity to reassess our sense of our selves.

2011.02.12(sat) 13:00-16:00 | Jeremy Hiah "Making Your Painting Come Alive"

Age group suitability:any age,young one must accompany by parent
Capacity of Participants 20 Admission:Free Anything the participants need to bring with them,bring in old battery operated toy,paint and brushes.
In museums and galleries paintings are always somehow removed from the audience who may easily become frustrated as they are forbidden to come close to the work,due to fears of touching or destroying the painting.In this way a boundary is created between painting and viewer.Here I will erase the gap in order for painting to be alive once again.

2011.02.13(sun) 13:00-16:00 | Wiyoga Muhardanto "Clay-tronics"

Participation Fee:500 yen(for the cost of clay)
Suitable for:Children over 5 years
Capacity:20 participants
Indonesian artist Wiyoga often takes the technological devices which dominate our lives from mobile phones,to televisions,to cars and makes replicas of them from resin and other materials.In this workshop he offers children the opportunity to create their own replicas of the electronic devices which surround them,and maybe even event their own original super devices,using clay.

2011.02.19(sat) 13:00-16:00 | Lee Chun Fung "The Everyday Battle"

Suitable for:Elementary School Students and above
Capacity:15 participants
Venue:3331 Lounge
Everyday we face a battle, each of us is challenging against something,each of us must have something we would like to protest against. In this workshop with Hong Kong artist Lee Chun Fung, participants will create their own personal battleships symbolic of their personal challenge or protest. Then these ships will be carried in a parade around the local area of 3331 as an artistic demonstration. Please bring your personal grievance with you and any materials you wish to use to make your battleship - including 1L PET bottle.

2011.02.20(sun) 13:00-15:00 | Kumpei Miyata "World Map"

Suitable for:10yrs and above
Capacity:20 Participants
Things to bring with you:Everyday goods/objects which you have no need for which can be used as part of the work.
With objects which the artist has collected from around Chiyoda ward,and everyday objects which participants bring with them we will make a map of the world together.On a scale of 3mx2m this map will not simply be a replica of the geographic world but will be an experiment in how we can form another world.

2011.02.25(fri) 15:00-17:00(Performance from 19:00) | Syo Yoshihama "Making Small Sounds"

Suitable for:People who are interested in playing with tiny sounds
Capacity:15 par ticipants
Things to bring with you:Feel free to bring along with you anything
which makes a small sound,like small stones,paper,fishing wire etc.If you wish to bring electronic instruments or household electrical goods please ensure they are battery powered.
A workshop in which to listen to the sounds that constantly surround us in everyday life,yet we so often ignore,to pick these up and use them in groups to create a final improvised sound performance to be presented at the opening party of the residency exhibition.

2011.02.26(sat) 14:00-17:00 | Symposium "New Potentials:AIR 3331"

Free/Audience Capacity 50/Reservation Required Panel:Residence Artists+Nakamura Masato(3331Director)
In this symposium the residence artists will provide an insight into the new work they have developed during their stay at 3331 while also sharing their experiences and impressions gained through this program and going on to discuss the potentials of AIR 3331.

2011.03.05(sat) | Australian Embassy related event "Mary & Max" special preview

Admission:Free Times:Please see the website for details A special gem of clay animation from an academy award winning director.Based on a story developed over 20 years of exchanging letters between Australia and New York,this feature animation is guaranteed to move you with the sense of irreplaceable bonds between people.We are glad to present a special preview of“Mary&Max”,with a glittering cast of actors who have offered their unique voices to its characters.This animation will go on to be launched at GW,Shinjuku Musashino Cinema and Cine Libre Ikebukuro before opening throughout the country.

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