AIR 3331

Institutions recommended each artists

Slow Art Collective/Australia

As a collective,the four core members share common ideas,focusing on process-based art practice,using non-invasive material for environment.These principles resonate with the‘Slow’movement;which focuses on deep connections to people,place,materials and the practice itself,shifting value from a capitalist market system;to a philosophy of ‘Slow’,as a new environmentally conscious art movement.

NPO S-Air/Hokkaido

Since 1999 with the support of the Agency of Cultural Affairs S-AIR began its artist in residence program.Since becoming a fully registered NPO in 2004 S-AIR has joined in collaboration with the Intercross Creative Center ICC to continue this program.In addition to the AIR program the organization also facilitates a wide range of cultural activities including concerts,workshops and various art projects.

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space/Indonesia

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space(SSAS),based in Bandung,West Java,Indonesia,is internationally recognized for its support and contribution to the development of arts and culture in Indonesia.It is host not only to regular exhibitions,but also supports emerging artists;workshops and discussions;artist residencies and children's program,building opportunities for national and international cooperation and networking between a wide range of creative practitioners.


Art Center Ongoing is a gallery presenting some of the most cutting edge artists of the day,while also creating a space for communication and exchange with an art book area,caféand bar,and through its original network sharing a wide variety of information about various artists through its library space.While also actively supporting symposiums and live events the centre pursues to evolve the possibilities of creative expression.

The Artists Village/Singapore

Singapore’ s Artists Village,established in 1988 and continuing to make a vital contribution to the Singapore art scene through the promotion of contemporary art and its contribution to society,serves as a platform for contemporary art projects by local and overseas artists.Through facilitating projects in mainly public places,they seek to investigate and address the historical,social and political issues regarding the particular space,while at the same time,reach out to a wider audience.

Studio Kura/Fukuoka

From the city of Itoshima,Fukuoka,Studio Kura embraces art and cultural promotion as a common language in which to engage the world,providing an artist in residence program and studio in a traditional rice storage house,along with art education facilities and support for artistic production.With open studio,workshops and art school program Studio Kura nurtures a new understanding of art and different cultures in the local community.

Taipei Contemporary Art Center(TCAC)/Taiwan

Opened in February 2010,Taipei Contemporary Art Center(TCAC) is an independent initiative founded by a group of artists,curators,scholars and cultural activists.TCAC is a platform for the art community to express itself,to interact among themselves and to exchange with international art worlds;a discursive space where the art community can discuss,research and address their concerns on socio-political issues,cultural policies and aesthetic positions--ultimately becoming a shared channel where critical opinions on social and cultural changes are voiced.

NPO Maeshima Art Center/Okinawa

Maeshima Art Center began its activity in 2004 when it was suggested that a local multi-tenant building in Naha city should be used to create an independent space for arts and culture.In October 2007 it went on to establish the“Okinawa Time Art Museum”inside Eimachi market.With the objective of furthering the Okinawan art scene and promoting its art and culture it pursues an independent grass roots engagement highly embedded in the community.

1a space / Hong Kong

1a space,founded in 1998,is an independent,non-profit making contemporary visual art organization and art venue founded by a collective of Hong Kong artworkers.It aims to promote the critical dissemination of contemporary visual arts practices and affiliated artforms through 1a space program drawn from Hong Kong and international arena.

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