AIR 3331

Ash Keating

Australia/recommended by Slow Art Collective

Ash Keating is an artist who joins social and environmental responsibility with creative production,exhibiting extensively throughout Australia including solo exhibitions at Platform,Latrobe University of Modern Art and Utopian Slumps in Melbourne and BREENSPACE in Sydney,as well as building an international profile with participation in large scale exhibitions in Chile,South Korea and Indonesia to name but a few.

"Timuran" 2009
Jogjakarta Indonesia
mixed media site specific installation project as part of The South Project gathering 2009
photo: Edwin Roseno
Courtesy of the artist and BREENSPACE, Sydney.

"The Uprising #1,( from Activate 2750)" 2009
c-type photograph 1000 x 666 mm
photo: Alex Kershaw
Courtesy of the artist and BREENSPACE, Sydney.

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