AIR 3331

A New "Tokyo" Drawn by Artists

The 3331 Arts Chiyoda Residence Program invites artists, curators, and other art professionals to stay, produce, exchange and present in Tokyo. For this exhibition, three artists (Akio Suzuki, Minako Nishiyama, and Satoru Tamura) joined the program to observe the surroundings of 3331 from the perspectives of its residents, culture, and history during their residence.
When the activities of these creators, based on their own original themes, come to merge with the town itself, what new landscapes will manifest themselves?  The results of their research and activities conducted during the residency will be shown in this exhibition in the form of project plans, presentations of related work, and workshops.

Opening Party & Artist Talk 2012.02.04 (Sat) 18:00-20:00 *Artist Talk starts from 19:00

2012.02.04 (Sat) 18:00-20:00 *Artist Talk starts from 19:00
A talk session given by Akio Suzuki, Minako Nishiyama, and Satoru Tamura about their work, creative processes, and impressions of the local area during their stay and research.
The talk is open to everyone.

Exhibition3331 Artist in Residence Program AIR 3331 vol.2
Closed onTuesdays
Venue1F Main Gallery
SponsorshipChiyoda City
Organizer3331 Arts Chiyoda

Correction in the AIR 3331 vol.2 flyer

We found that dates for related events on AIR 3331 vol.2 flyer are partly incorrect.
We would like to apologize for any confusion occurred and would like to correct as following.

2/11 SAT 13:00-14:00
Gallery Talk
Capacity About 15 participants
Suitable for: Everyone
3331 Staff will give a gallery talk on the residence program and exhibited artworks.

2/11 SAT 14:30-16:30
"Let’s make a FACE LAMP" Workshop by Satoru Tamura
Capacity About 15 participants
Suitable for:Elementary school to Junior High School students and families.
Using various components and electronic parts from stores in Akihabara, you can decorate a light bulb to create a luminous FACE LAMP. After the workshop, your FACE LAMP will be exhibited in the gallery space.

*In the flyer, day for 11th February is printed as SUN, but SAT is the correct date.

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