AIR 3331

Seung Woo Back

In residency from: 4th September – 15th September, 2013 and 11th October – 29th October 2013

Seung Woo Back スンウ・バク/SEUNG WOO BACK
Born in 1973, Daejeon, Korea, Seung Woo Back lives and works in Seoul, Korea. He earned his BFA and MFA of photography from Chungang University, Seoul, Korea and MFA and Ph.D of fine art and theory from Middlesex University, London, UK. Through his work, Back casts doubts on the concepts of objectivity, immediacy, and universality and attempts to capture what is hidden and invisible in the photography and the gap between fiction and reality. His solo exhibitions include Deferred Judgement, Artsonje Seoul, Korea (2011), Blow Up, Misashin Gallery Tokyo, Japan(2011), Gaps, Unrealistic Generals, Gana Art Center Seoul, Korea (2012), Momento, Doosan Gallery New York, USA(2012). He has participated in major exhibitions including Photo on Photography, Kumho Museum Seoul, Korea(2008), Platform 2009, DSC Korea, Korea(2009), Dreamland, Le Centre Pompidou Paris, France(2010), archiTECHtonica, CU Art Museum Colorado, USA(2010). He was nominated and won Time Space Photography Criticism Award in 2001 and Illwoo Photography Award in 2010. He also participated in Gana Residency(2008) and Doosan Residency(2010) program in New York, USA.

Residence Plan
Shooting bird's-eye views of Kanda area from various locations, Back will create a cityscape that is simultaneously real and fictional.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2012 Momento, Doosan Gallery, New York, USA
2012 Gaps, Unrealistic Generals, Gana Art Center, Seoul South Korea
2011 Deferred Judgement, Artsonje Center, Seoul, South Korea
2011 Blow Up, Misashin Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Dreamland, Le Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
2010 archiTECHtonica, CU Art Museum Colorado, USA

150 x 202cm, Digital print

150 x 215cm, Digital print

UTOPIA, UT#1, 2008, Left: 150 x 180 cm,
Right: 150 x 97 cm, Digital print

SEVENDAYS, Thursday Night, 2011,
200 x 240 cm, Digital print

REAL WORLD, RW01-001, 2004, 127x169 cm, Digital print

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[Correction and apology]
The image of the Burmese national flag on the program flyer distributed between September 21st and October 1st was incorrect. Hereby, we sincerely apologize for the error.